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Metal Injection Molding: A 21st Century Parts-Forming Technology

Welcome to our website about all things MIM: the part-forming technology otherwise known as metal injection molding. Here you can learn what this outstanding manufacturing capability can offer part designers, what the benefits are of producing components using this technology, and why more product manufacturers are turning to MIM every day for the solutions it offers. We’ll offer a clear, step-by-step description of the MIM process to help you understand how fabricators skilled in this state-of-the-art technology—our member companies—can achieve the results they do.

Of course, no technology is ideal for every application every time, so we’ll provide a sound rationale for when it makes sense to use MIM, not only some general guidelines for evaluating whether a component is an ideal candidate for MIM, but also a brief head-to-head comparison of MIM with other available technologies, including the strong points and limitations of each.

Because it’s quite different from more traditional metal-forming processes, we’ll offer a set of guidelines for designing a part for MIM, including specific rules for enhancing the manufacturability of your components.

Our aim is straightforward: are you designing an intricate part? We’d like you to think MIM from the start.