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PM Industry Landmark Recognition

Today, virtually all metal orthodontic brackets and buccal tubes are made via metal injection molding (MIM). But it hasn’t always been so.

By the late 1970s, when MIM was in its formative years as a part-forming technology, orthodontic parts were some of the earliest being prototyped. It didn’t take appliance manufacturers long to realize that, in MIM, they had a winning fabrication solution.

The key to MIM’s overwhelming success in this application is its ability to produce stronger, smoother, and more precise appliances. Patient comfort is enhanced by the rounded-edge designs. For the manufacturer, MIM offers greater efficiency, better material utilization, and improved repeatability. And that has brought the cost of the appliances within the reach of more patients globally, and in the process helped advance MIM technology and enlarged its markets.

For the impact this application has had, and is continuing to have, it earned the 2013 PM Industry Landmark recognition from the powder metal industry’s trade association, MPIF.

Landmark VideoClick here to view a video about this MIM success story.