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Materials Range

The Metal Injection Molding industry can manufacture an extremely wide variety of metal alloy compositions for use in your application. The alloy families shown below make up a broad representation of the spectrum of alloys which can be/have been produced for various applications. If you do not see the exact alloy or alloy family shown on our extensive list in which you have interest, please contact your supplier in order to see if the alloy or a substitute alloy is available. Working closely with your supplier will enable you to find the best solution for your application.

The most common alloy families are:

Iron, low-alloy steels, stainless steels

Other alloys:

Aluminum alloys, bio-compatible alloys, carbides, ceramics, cobalt-based alloys, controlled-expansion alloys, copper and copper alloys, hardmetals, heavy-metal alloys, magnetic alloys (soft and hard), nickel-based alloys, precious metals, reactive metals, shape-memory alloys, specialty alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, tool steels

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