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MPIF Standard 35, Materials Standards for Metal Injection Molded Parts

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) issues standards to provide the design and materials engineer with the information necessary for specifying PM materials which have been developed by the PM and MIM parts, powder, and equipment producers. MPIF standards are intended to present and clarify PM technology so as to aid in the conduct of business. PM materials specifications and test standards relate to those activities that concern designers and users of PM parts as well as the manufacturer.

The use of any MPIF standard is entirely voluntary. Existence of an MPIF standard does not in any respect preclude any member of MPIF or non-members from manufacturing or selling products not included in the standards. Suppliers are at liberty to supply products or to use procedures other than those identified in any standard. With regard to material specifications, both the purchaser and the manufacturer should, in order to avoid possible misconceptions or misunderstandings, agree on the following conditions prior to the manufacture of a PM part: minimum strength value, grade selection, chemistry, proof testing, typical property values and processes, which may affect the part application. These standards are cross referenced with ASTM and ISO standards.

The Standard 35, Materials Standards for Metal Injection Molded Parts—2016 Edition, is the most comprehensive standard to date encompassing all facets of the MIM industry. The 2016 edition of this standard renders the 2007 edition (and prior editions) obsolete. In addition to content published in the 2007 edition, it contains:

          Stainless Steels
          MIM-440, heat treated

The following two materials had been previously published as addenda on the MPIF website and now appear in this new edition:

•     New Materials Section & Mechanical Property Data
          MIM-Cu, as sintered, including CTE data

          Low-Alloy Steel
          MIM-4140, quenched and tempered

          Data display have been matched to no greater precision than is required by applicable test method standard

UPDATED—Alphabetical Index: Listing & Guide to Material Systems & Designation Codes Used in MPIF Standard 35.

NEW and REVISED verbiage and data throughout the standard

Make sure that you have the latest edition of this standard. Click here to download a FREE digital version of the standard (in PDF format) for your individual use.

A printed copy may be ordered directly from MPIF Publications, powered by Techstreet.