Metal Injection Molding Association


Metal injection molding (MIM) is a proven, innovative powder metallurgy technology that offers the capability of mass producing complex-shaped metal parts consistently and reliably.

A few key advantages of the metal injection molding process include:

  • its capability to produce mechanical properties unobtainable by other methods;

  • the ability to produce high-precision components to net-shape;

  • design freedom with nearly unlimited shape and geometric-feature capabilities;

  • high-production rates due to the efficiency of the processing equipment compared to other metal-forming technologies;

  • the feedstock is re-useable if it is not processed after molding;

  • And little material loss.

Metal injection molding is used in multiple markets, including aerospace & defense, medical & dental, electronics, and many other markets. Review award-winning MIM components in the case studies below.



End Use and Function: This stainless steel MIM component is used on as an add-on guidance and control package on a legacy unguided rocket to create a low-cost, precision-guided weapon.



End Use and Function: This ferrule is used in aerospace engines to provide a conductive path between the screen and engine. It also provides support to the single cable and....